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In Conversation with Brijesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer, SNDK Corp

In this era of rapid technological advancements, SMEs in India are ensuring that they do not get left behind in their digital transformation journeys led by cloud-adoption. Acceleration of these interventions has only increased in the recent times keeping in view, the need for SMEs to grow their businesses exponentially with IT modernization.


How can India benefit from 5 G’s push for cloud adoption?

The implementation of 5G is long overdue. It is anticipated that the technology will fundamentally change mobile networking and generate new economic potential. However, it is still unclear how exactly it will shape cloud computing. This article discusses the enormous benefits that India would get from the combination of 5G wireless technology and cloud computing.

Fintech Industry Success Formula – Security, Data Analytics, and Product Development driven by AI

Digital Payments are estimated to grow at a rapid pace to account for more than 70% share of all payments by 2025. The continued innovation and increased performance in digital technology, consumer demand for one-touch payments, policy push toward financial inclusion, desire to marginalize cash, and an exponential rise in digital applications and services are the mega-trends that are driving the Digital Payments revolution.


How the unassuming AI can transform the manufacturing ecosystem 

It helps to boost production and saves on costs while utilizing resources constructively. It can analyze data accurately and point out the errors. It's not just time-saving but is also precise to the minutest detail. That's artificial intelligence for you. Companies are using it in manufacturing and R&D as they move away from the manual workforce. This technological marvel is ushering in a new era of automation.

Don’t-ignore-chatbots, they’re-your-friends

Don’t ignore chatbots, they’re your friends

A plethora of chatbots are now available, and they are becoming increasingly popular in India. But why should you be concerned about chatbots for your company? And why is having a chatbot important for a business? Here are some of the reasons why you, especially if you are a small business should not ignore chatbots.