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FanCode grows 40x in 3 years by delivering high quality live streams on AWS

FanCode is a sports content aggregator under Dream Sports, an India-based sports technology company. The platform provides live streaming services for sporting events, the latest athlete- and team-related content and statistics, as well as an online merchandise store. Since its founding in 2019, FanCode has grown from 2 million users in the first year to over 80 million in India in 2022. 


Top Cloud Technologies That Will Shape 2023

Companies throughout the world, regardless of size, have begun to rely on cloud technology now that they understand it is here to stay. It’s challenging for businesses to prepare their cloud strategy since this essential technology gets upgraded annually. In order to build a solid cloud strategy, let’s examine the top cloud trends for 2023.


How can India benefit from 5 G’s push for cloud adoption?

The implementation of 5G is long overdue. It is anticipated that the technology will fundamentally change mobile networking and generate new economic potential. However, it is still unclear how exactly it will shape cloud computing. This article discusses the enormous benefits that India would get from the combination of 5G wireless technology and cloud computing.