What cloud business trends to look forward to in 2023?

The benefits of being a part of cloud technology have been attracting organizations of all sizes, especially in the post-pandemic world. As more and more technologies like artificial intelligence, (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and, remote and hybrid working are being supported on a day-to-day basis by the cloud, the need and popularity are on an upward move every year.

The researchers and industry veterans see a future of cloud supporting newer and newer technologies which will benefit businesses in delivering better results to consumers. 

We can for sure say that it’s the explosion of cloud technology that has changed how businesses work and companies will continue to use cloud to modernize operations and expand IT capabilities. Cloud technology has proven to be no longer an option but a must-have, its capabilities have proven to help and support companies in the uncertain economy. Gartner, Inc forecasts that just public cloud spending will grow by 20.7% to $591.8 billion in 2023.

Keeping the upward trend in cloud adoption and investment, here are a few predictive cloud trends for 2023:

  1. Multi-Cloud will be the ‘new you’ for many organizations: Although hybrid cloud will continue to capture its market in 2023, multi-cloud will be the choice for many organizations. While organizations have always believed that no-one-solution-fits-all, multi-cloud will make its way big.
  2. Cloud security will continue to be the top priority: While the cloud offers a lot of opportunities and convenience, it also leads to a bigger responsibility of securing the data and process. Companies offering cloud spaces will continue to invest more in cloud security. Its top priority will be to fight against the existing and new range of cybersecurity threats. 
  3. AI adoption in the cloud will slowly move to be a ‘must have’ and not just an option: Organizations across are looking at adopting AI, as they see it helps in increasing operational efficiency and driving innovation. The use of AI and predictive technology to spot threats which may cause harm to the cloud environment and tackle them will be seen as a great help.
  4. 2023 will pave way for sovereign and industry clouds: It’s not new but sovereign and industry clouds will be more excepted and adopted across different regions across the globe. A sovereign cloud is designed to operate in a certain country or region; it’s a trusted cloud that upholds the data protection standards of local governing bodies. As per a study by Gartner, by 2027 more than half of the enterprises will use industry cloud solutions.
  5. XaaS cloud offering will also mature: Everything-as-a-service will also contribute fairly in 2023. It is a broad range of products and services for customers. Its benefits of flexibility, scalability, speed and cost savings through flexible payment models for only what consumers use will make way for business.
  6. Deploying blockchains and their components via cloud computing could be among the top cloud computing trends.
  7. IoT will continue to increasingly be part of the cloud: The cloud’s support for IoT and its proven benefits have been seen in 2022. The use age of IoT through the cloud is just going to increase further in 2023.

It is ideal for organizations to keep a track of the trends surfacing frequently to keep up with the industry. This will ensure that organizations are not just updated about the ongoing in the industry and technology, and it will also ensure that they will benefit from the changes as it will help them stay ahead of the competition.