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Why is now the time to adopt a zero trust approach to security?

The road to Zero-Trust will be different for every organization and adopting these key tenets will be a journey. The transformation for zero trust will require an understanding of the associative mechanism as well as a thorough assessment of the organizational readiness, business benefits and capabilities needed to maximize the operational outcome.


FanCode grows 40x in 3 years by delivering high quality live streams on AWS

FanCode is a sports content aggregator under Dream Sports, an India-based sports technology company. The platform provides live streaming services for sporting events, the latest athlete- and team-related content and statistics, as well as an online merchandise store. Since its founding in 2019, FanCode has grown from 2 million users in the first year to over 80 million in India in 2022. 

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In conversation with Nitish Bugalia, Chief Operations Officer at MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports

In this era of rapid technological advancements, SMEs in India are ensuring that they do not get left behind in their digital transformation journeys led by cloud-adoption. Acceleration of these interventions has only increased in the recent times keeping in view, the need for SMEs to grow their businesses exponentially with IT modernization.