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Certified cloud security professional: A quick guide to become one

Security issues have become unavoidable with the cloud’s advancement and quick adoption. Every organization, big or small, is constantly at risk of being abused by hackers. Furthermore, security dangers range from new to serious, which untrained staff may be unable to address. Certificates such as the CCSP play a role in preparing individuals to apply best practices to cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration. Let’s look at how to become a certified cloud security specialist.

Who Holds What Responsibility in AWS_ Understand AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Who holds what responsibility in AWS? Understand AWS shared responsibility model

AWS shared responsibility approach aligns with the notion of how businesses should manage and secure their IT infrastructure. This article explains how IaaS, PaaS, containers, and abstracted services all fall within the purview of AWS and the AWS cloud users, with each group sharing responsibility for the security of stored data and applications on the cloud. Let’s read more.


Karza Technologies safely onboards financial customers at lower cost with cloud

Mumbai-based Karza Technologies is building a comprehensive digital due-diligence platform, helping financial institutions screen counterparties through more than 700 publicly available government information sources. Karza Technologies' offerings help accelerate on-boarding, risk assessment, underwriting and due diligence, and monitoring processes.