Certified cloud security professional: A quick guide to become one

Security issues have become unavoidable with the cloud’s advancement and quick adoption. Every organization, big or small, is constantly at risk of being abused by hackers. Furthermore, security dangers range from new to serious, which untrained staff may be unable to address. Certificates such as the CCSP play a role in preparing individuals to apply best practices to cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration. Let’s look at how to become a certified cloud security specialist.

This year, EY-Nasscom’s survey revealed that one of every two Indian businesses had quickened their cloud computing adoption. The research said – four out of every five companies want to boost their cloud spending in the coming year. According to the report, 67% of major firms, 39% of medium-sized businesses, and 38% of small companies have increased their use of cloud services in the last year.

A chunk of the data saved in the cloud is highly confidential. This data is always on the radar of cybercriminals, who are constantly improving their hacking tactics in order to gain control over key data and confiscate it, crippling the firm. Hence, companies should be concerned not just with cloud migration but also with data security. Hiring new employees or educating existing ones can assist businesses in developing a strong security posture. If you already have a reputable security training certificate, this is excellent for your career in cybersecurity. Those who desire to advance should pursue CCSP certification.

What is CCSP certification?

The (ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) represents one of the most sophisticated cloud security specializations available at the time. It is awarded to individuals who can exhibit advanced technical abilities and knowledge required to build, administer, and protect data, apps, and infrastructure in the cloud, as well as implement industry-accepted best practices, standards, and protocols.

Once you have acquired the CCSP certificate, you will be able to adapt your information security skills to a cloud computing environment and demonstrate proficiency in cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration.

We will begin with some basic facts regarding the CCSP certification and its significance. This might help you prepare for the certification.

The Fundamentals of the CCSP Certification

To become a CCSP-certified cloud security professional, you must pass the CCSP exam. The test assesses cloud security professionals’ technical abilities and knowledge to design and administer security measures. It also aids in confirming that cloud workers are competent in assuring regulatory framework compliance. 

Studying for the Certified Cloud Security Professional test will develop your expertise in the following six domains:

  • Cloud concepts, architecture and design
  • Data security
  • Security of cloud and infrastructure 
  • Cloud app security
  • Cloud security operations and maintenance 
  • Legal, risk, and compliance

Each area stated above in the CCSP study guide has a certain weight in the exam questions. Cloud data security has the highest rank on the list, accounting for 20% of the questions. 19% of the questions include architecture and design concepts, as well as cloud platform and infrastructure security. The cloud application security and operations domains account for 15% of the test questions. The legal and compliance domain accounts for over 12% of the questions on the CCSP test.

CCSP Exam Details 
Exam nameCertified Cloud Security Professional
FormatMultiple choice questions
  Experience required5 years of paid IT experience (3 years in information security and 1 year in one of the six (ISC)2 CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) domains)
Duration4 hours
Number of questions125
Minimum score required to pass700 out of 1000 points
Fees$599 (excluding taxes)
Languages English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish are all supported.

Caption: Table Content Source: (ISC)²

CCSP job opportunities

On LinkedIn, the following occupations have a great demand for CCSP certification:

  • Engineer in product security
  • Architect of Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Architect of application security
  • Engineer in cloud security
  • Auditor of information security
  • Compliance technology expert
  • Manager of information security

Steps to Get a CCSP Certification

The CCSP certification involves three main stages:

Stage 1: Check whether a CCSP certification is required for your job.

Before you begin acquiring the CCSP certification, you must first determine whether this certification is relevant to your professional goals. Consider if you have a history in cloud security, what type of professional future you want to pursue, and whether cloud security is part of that future. 

If you do some internet research, you’ll discover that there are various IT and cloud security certifications to pick from. Make certain that the CCSP is something you truly want to undertake.

Stage 2: Sign up for the test.

Create a Pearson VUE account. This will help you to register for the exam. The website will also assist you with additional information regarding the exam, centers, registrations, etc.

Stage 3: Obtain your certification.

You must finish the endorsement procedure online. This acknowledges the veracity of your claims of job experience and your excellent standing in cybersecurity.

Remember: The time it takes to prepare for the CCSP certification test will be determined by your study technique and prior expertise in the IT business, specifically in IT security. Learning time varies from 300 hours for new professionals and two weeks for others. The amount of work you are willing to put in is also an important consideration.

There are numerous study approaches available, according to the guidelines specified by the (ISC)²:

  • Classroom-based learning
  • Online instructor-led learning
  • Online self-paced learning
  • Private onsite learning 

So, why pursue CCSP certification?

Below are the top four reasons to ensure that getting a CCSP certification will be a great addition to your CV if you are into cybersecurity:

  • Legitimacy: The CCSP establishes you as a cloud security authority figure. It’s a quick approach to share your expertise and gain the confidence of your customers or top management.
  • Keeping a leg up: The CCSP can help you improve your working understanding of cloud security while also keeping you up to date on new advancements.
  • Customization: You may apply your expertise to a number of cloud services. This not only increases your marketability but also assures you’re more prepared to secure critical data in a worldwide setting.
  • Professional progress: The CCSP opens you additional prospects, such as the possibility to advance into more executive positions or offer new consulting services to your organization.

Is the CCSP exam worth a shot?

Currently, there are several big companies in India looking for professionals with CCSP skills. Individuals must decide if the expense and time investment required to become a CCSP is worthwhile. If you’re serious about a career in cloud security or if you’re searching for a position that needs a certification like the CCSP, it might be a good investment. ‎