Cloud Telephony offering affordability, scalability, and loyalty to the business

For years, businesses were hindered as they could not meet the required technologies like voicemail, IVR, and other advanced features. But with Cloud Telephony entering the industry bringing with itself the resourcefulness of services, businesses can get an edge to build a better customer satisfaction base and faster response rate.
Cloud Telephony Offering Affordability, Scalability and Loyalty to the Business

Over time, the need and requirements to serve the most beneficial communication platforms have risen to rectify customer issues. No matter how small or huge your business is or what it does, voice communication is one of the vital tools for success.  The rapidly growing demand for voice communication services and chatbots has pushed the cloud communication industry to embrace the new age of technology to improve its services by offering excellent customer support service worldwide. The business gets a secure way to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients, and operate your business with voice communication making cloud telephony an effective and sort after service.

Cloud telephony is a phone system or communication technology that operates through an internet connection. It is also a VoIP-based hosted PBX solution that enables corporates to move their business phone service to the cloud. Instead of traditional telephone systems, today, even MSMEs are shifting towards cloud telephony. The reason is simple it is cost-efficient and has better control and scalability.

For years, businesses were hindered as they could not meet the required technologies like voicemail, IVR, and other advanced features. But with Cloud Telephony entering the industry bringing with itself the resourcefulness of services, businesses can get an edge to build a better customer satisfaction base and faster response rate.

NoteWorthy Benefits of Cloud Telephony


The prime feature of a cloud-based company phone system is that it can easily unify with an existing corporate phone system. There are no annoying servers or wires to add to the infrastructure expenditures, nor does it involve any new hardware or software. In fact, one only needs a laptop or a mobile device to establish an API-based business communication model.

With companies switching to remote working, cloud telephony hosted phone systems are the best option. Cloud telephony is the perfect solution for companies that embrace remote work, have satellite offices, or several office locations. Additionally, cloud-based hosting is efficient in sales and support services.


For every business, customer service experience comes down to customer interaction with a business’s sales, support, and assistance teams – both during and after a purchase. The customer service experience delivered will ultimately impact the retention of both new and long-term customers.

Cloud telephony can handle multiple locations with multi-office centralized PBX. Building a seamless client experience is not only desired but it’s also critical for business growth. A group of call center representatives have the capacity to make or break a business because they lead the overall experience a customer receives.

Profitable e-tailing often lies in recognizing and utilizing the finest tools available. Smaller companies demand customer support technologies beyond simple telephony, yet many do not have the time or budget to execute and support a more complex call center solution. Assistance executives within every organization need affordable and scalable customer assistance team solutions that have:

  • Call routing
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Monitoring
  • Call lines
  • Analytics

Keeping hold of the ever-changing world of e-commerce isn’t easy. Businesses need clear visibility – better insights led by data-driven analytics – how their teams work to achieve their goals to attract and retain customers.

It doesn’t make a difference if the company doesn’t have the resources to carry on a fully-featured on-premises cloud contact center solution so far. Cloud telephony is the answer for both customer support and call center teams. Sleek and small, it works as an add-on to Cloud Telephone System, so agents can monitor and track their activity, including queues and critical KPIs, receive supervisor instructions, and login work breaks in a clear, organized manner.

Every enterprise has growth in mind but scaling up is only attainable if the customer is happy and satisfied. Adopting cloud telephony is a smart move that can big, medium, and small businesses get one step closer to their expansion targets. In addition, it also helps in enhancing the level of customer satisfaction.


Relationships have always been the center of good business. For example, a customer experience agency found that loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as the potential to forgive, 4x as likely to refer, and 7x as possible to try a new offering. So, it’s not astonishing that subscription revenue models capitalize on the value of customer relationships, turning a one-time buyer into a lifetime customer. And with customers purchasing a service consistently, the recurring revenue allows companies to project future income more accurately.

Companies are finding success, and the scalability remains with cloud telephony business subscriptions keeping the following points in mind:

  • Create subscription services around the most suitable products and core technology
  • Keep a check with business capabilities, products, and processes
  • The subscription business paradigm succeeds when companies provide steady significance to the customers. One way to add value over consumers’ lifetime is to boost the consumption of your product or service
  • Use consumption analytics dashboard to build futuristic, personalized onboarding programs that steer usage and consumer faithfulness. It is a wonderful way to add value and remain suitable with your customers
  • Creating consistent experiences and redundant services helps you accomplish the goal. When interacting with customers, careful planning and discussion will enable the delivery of necessary value

Cloud telephony is a significant technology in today’s time as it moves a company’s phone system to the cloud and improves the business’s productivity. With technological breakthroughs, the list of benefits for the cloud telephony services ranges from:

  • creating subscription-based services centering on the highest-value products
  • easy usage navigating and adoption with the clients
  • providing outstanding services across every touchpoint to the customers

Technology has advanced rapidly. Whether a startup, an MSME, or a big enterprise, cloud-based hosting has been vastly used by businesses today, controlling the traditional phone system. Cloud telephony has played a critical role in bringing diverse emerging economies like India on a solid footing. With the smooth functioning of the cloud, it is not hard to imagine what lies on the other side of the horizon in the coming years. Small scale ventures are anticipated to benefit the most from cloud telephony with the advantages of affordability, scalability, and reliability as they expand their customer base globally.