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In Conversation with SME Cloud Heroes- Rajaiah Sunkari, Founder & CTO, Cosmica Telematics

In this era of rapid technological advancements, SMEs in India are ensuring that they do not get left behind in their digital transformation journeys led by cloud-adoption. Acceleration of these interventions has only increased in the recent times keeping in view, the need for SMEs to grow their businesses exponentially with IT modernization.

Fintech Industry Success Formula – Security, Data Analytics, and Product Development driven by AI

Digital Payments are estimated to grow at a rapid pace to account for more than 70% share of all payments by 2025. The continued innovation and increased performance in digital technology, consumer demand for one-touch payments, policy push toward financial inclusion, desire to marginalize cash, and an exponential rise in digital applications and services are the mega-trends that are driving the Digital Payments revolution.


Chumbak avoids large IT investments by using cloud

AWS’ “pay-as-you-grow” capability enables Chumbak to avoid the need to make large IT investments upfront. The company hasn’t needed to build a data center with the capacity to handle sudden spikes in web-store traffic. By using AWS, Chumbak has on-demand infrastructure and pays only for the IT capacity the web store consumes.